17, 31 January, 14 February 2019: Animated Science for Casimir Research School

For the third time, we are organising Animated Science for Casimir Research School, a workshop about making your own Science Animation. We (science writing teacher Astrid Smit and myself) will teach you the basics of writing a script, making a storyboard, and making a short but sweet animation explaining your research.

Course days will be 17 january, 31 january and 14 february.

17 January 14-17 introduction
Oort building, room 173, Gorterzaal
Introduction to science videos and science communication, scripts, storyboards, exercises in drawing and basic animation.

31 January 10-17 animating
Oort building 276 (one floor higher from  173). From 10:30, 173 will also be available
We will record your script as a voiceover, and use the audio track and your illustrations to build your animation using After Effects.

14 February 16-18 Grande première
Oort building, room 173, Gorterzaal
All students present their animations and comment on the others in a Big Première, and 2015 Casimir Workshop alumnus Julia Cramer will talk about her experiences filming her research. All this will culminate in a time honored Dutch borrel session. We will be inquiring about further animation plans.

Note: we will teach and help you  how make an animation, but making a full animation takes a lot of time, skill and preparation. We strongly advise you to keep your script very concise, and possibly incomplete, so that you can concentrate on animating and getting accross ideas.

This page will serve as a central public information, and eventually, to showcase the animations. There is also a private workshop page for technical stuff, organisational details, drafts, questions or remarks.


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